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    VB Rescue – EMS is the most unique third-service EMS agency in the United States. Thanks to a dedicated group of trained and certified volunteers and paid professionals, we are able to offer the highest standard of patient care possible to those in need.

  • Virginia Beach EMS

    Who We Are

    VB Rescue – EMS is a combined volunteer and career third-service EMS agency providing quality pre-hospital patient care, education and rescue services that preserve life, reduce suffering and promote safety of the people in our community.

    Our Values

    Quality Customer Service, Teamwork, Volunteerism, Leadership & Learning, Integrity, Commitment, Inclusion & Diversity

    Our Volunteer Rescue Squad Partners and EMS Stations

    Other Rescue Squad Partners

    The Marine Rescue Team is a proud member of Virginia Beach EMS, one of the nation’s largest volunteer-based rescue systems. This EMS Special Operations Team consists of highly trained volunteer EMS providers who respond to any emergency water rescue, including boats in distress, drownings, vehicles in the water, flood water rescues, and ice water rescues.


    To represent the collective pride and aspiration of an ever-growing, ever-improving component of volunteers in Virginia Beach's EMS system.


    Virginia Beach is a city like no other in America. It has the largest volunteer-based emergency medical services team in the country, and the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation promotes and supports the volunteer squads and their members.


    The mission of the Tidewater EMS Council is to reduce death and disability by facilitating regional cooperation, planning, and implementation of an integrated emergency medical services delivery system.