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  • Career Opportunities With VBEMS

    Let Virginia Beach EMS be the next step in your career path. Whether it be as a paid paramedic serving those in need or as an administrative professional, there are many ways in which you can use your skills and experience to carve out a career with our department.

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    Why Work With Virginia Beach EMS?

    The career staff of Virginia Beach EMS play a critical role within the VB Rescue system. Career staff support the volunteer rescue squads of Virginia Beach through boundless training opportunities, field supervision, administrative tasks and perhaps most importantly, operational support in the field.

    Competitive Salary and Benefits

    Career Paramedics with VB Rescue – EMS starts at a highly-competitive salary and benefits. As of September 2022, new paramedics can expect to start at $56,227.50 before overtime opportunities.  Our paramedics also have access to standard pay increases at three, six, and nine years of service.

    Paramedics in Front of Coffee Shop
    Paramedics Receiving Training

    Continuing Educational Opportunities

    State-of-the-art educational opportunities for our members. Whether it be continuing educational credits or STEMI-focused classes, our training team keep our paramedics on the cutting edge of emergency pre-hospital medicine.

    Career Growth and Advancement

    Paramedics with VB Rescue – EMS receive formal and informal guidance on developing as a professional. Our paramedics have the opportunity to become field supervisors, captains and more.

    Paramedics Practicing on Dummy